Badminton FAQs – Reopening March / April 2021

12th April

Juniors are permitted to play badminton together. Adults must be from the same household to play.

17th May

Adults are permitted to play singles or doubles under the rule of 6 or two households.

21st June

All play permitted with no limits on social contact.

How can I book a court?

Please book and pay in advance using the online booking system. You will need a valid membership or Leisure Card.

What are the timings of the booking slots?

Booking slots will be available at quarter past the hour.

How long can I play for?

Each bookable session is for 60 minutes which will include registering at reception, access to the sports hall, play, and exit from the hall.

Will my temperature be checked?

Yes, this will take place when you register your attendance/pay at reception.

Can I pay with cash?

Payment in advance at the time of online booking must be made.

Will equipment be available to hire?

Not at this stage, shuttle cocks will be available to buy.

How do I enter the building?

Via the normal entrance.

Can I go straight to the sports hall?

You will wait in an allotted holding area until all players from the previous session have vacated the sports hall. Please maintain social distancing whilst waiting.

Can we play doubles?

Yes, however due to insufficient space between courts you must use court markings for a singles match.

How many people can be on one court?

Whether playing singles or doubles, the activity is restricted to a group of six maximum.

Can doubles players be from different households?

Both singles and doubles play can take place in groups of people from different households, as long as they remain 2m apart as far as possible. Therefore, four people from different households can play doubles.

Can I play different opponents within my group?

Players can rotate within the group but social distancing must be maintained.

Can we share rackets?

Players should bring their own rackets which must not be shared.

Can we share a shuttlecock?

Yes, players are reminded to thoroughly wash their hands or use hand sanitiser immediately before and after play.

Does 2 metre social distancing need to be maintained during play?


Where do I store my kit?

Please store equipment bags at least 2m behind the court and any other players.

How do I exit the sports hall?

Vacate the sports hall swiftly following your session. Exit via fire exit doors which will be kept open to provide natural ventilation into the hall.

Can I change and shower at the centre?

Please change and shower at home, currently these facilities are unavailable.

What extra precautions should I take?

Please don’t touch the nets or posts and avoid hand shaking and high fives.

Take particular care to social distance when walking between courts.

Avoid arriving more than 5 minutes prior or later then your booking slot.

Avoid bringing more than the minimum equipment needed.

Please follow all hand hygiene measures during your visit. Hand gel will be available at the entrance and exit but we suggest you bring your own.

Face coverings are required which accessing and exiting the facilities.