Archery; as a sport or hobby

Archery; as a sport or hobby

Think of Nottingham, UK and what automatically springs to mind for those who don’t live there?

Perhaps it’s the lions on the market square, the lace industry, Nottingham Castle, maybe our local breweries, or one of the most famous Robin Hood.

The legend that is Robin Hood has been portrayed and interpreted in many different ways. Disney had him down as a fox, and whilst one of my favourite as a child, probably didn’t happen. He is said to have “robbed from the rich and given to the poor”, a man of somewhat questionable morals but at least his heart was in the right place?

One of the prominent things that the legend of Robin Hood does give us through every version, (certainly that I have heard) is his talent for archery. Even the statue of him at Nottingham Castle depicts him standing ready to defeat his target.

Archery as an Olympic sport

To be good at this historic sport you need skill, concentration and absolute accuracy. In the Olympics, 122cm diameter coloured targets are placed 70 metres away (more than the length of Bramcote swimming pool!).

Red = 8 or 7 points
Blue = 6 or 5 points
Black = 4 or 3 points
White = 2 or 1 point

Mental strength is key, to avoid being distracted by anything around you and your focus completely on the target. Any slight distraction can be catastrophic for the archer, leading to huge point losses.

Physical Benefits

Archery also plays a huge part in your physical health. Whilst you may consider standing in one place as not too active, the amount of times an archer has to go from their start point to the target to collect their arrows, and back again, all aids fitness and calorie burn. The upper body strength gained from drawing the bow hits key muscles such as the chest, hands, rotator cuffs and upper back muscles. The sport will also help with balance and proprioception as your co-ordination improves. This means archery is, in its own right, a pretty good workout too!

If you have arched before we host regular friday night indoor sessions that run all year long with our qualified coach Pete. If you’ve never done it before and are wondering how to get started, we host beginners’ courses throughout the year, subject to interest. Please register that interest by calling us on 0115 9173366 or by visiting the centre. We provide all the equipment you need, or if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own.

Our regular indoor archery nights take place:
Kimberley Leisure Centre
Friday night 7:30pm-8:30pm
£4 Adults, £3.50 Children (aged 11+)

Beginners courses register your interest
Kimberley Leisure Centre
Friday night 8:30pm-9:30pm
£39.00 Adults, £22.50 Children (aged 11+)
6 weeks – attendance to all 6 required to pass the course and attendance to week 1  (set-up, health and safety) is mandatory.

Come along for a fun and relaxed session and keep the legend of Robin Hood in Nottingham alive!

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