Bramcote Swimming Lesson FAQs – Relaxation of Covid19 Restrictions, 19th July 2021

Can I accompany my child to their swimming lesson?

Only one parent / guardian can accompany their child into the leisure centre.  Siblings are welcome.

What happens when I arrive at the leisure centre?

The one way system has been removed so all swimmers will enter and exit via the main entrance doors, as it was pre-pandemic.

We are continuing to encourage the wearing of face coverings whilst in the leisure centre and temperature checks for both the swimmer and the parent on arrival. A high reading by any of the family unit would result in non-participation in the lesson.

Hand sanitiser is available at multiple points throughout the leisure centre which we ask that you make use of.

What alterations have been made to the changing arrangements?

The changing rooms will be open for you to change before and after your lesson we would encourage swimmers to arrive beach ready to reduce the amount of time in the changing areas.

The showers will be reopened!!

Lockers will be available for storage of your child’s belongings.

As expected, regular cleaning is in operation throughout opening hours.

How does my child access poolside?

Access onto poolside returns to normal from Monday 19th July, i.e. through the pool changing rooms. A parent or guardian can accompany their child into the changing room. One parent or guardian may spectate.  Siblings are welcome to spectate.

We are still operating a no shoe policy within the changing rooms and poolside so please remove your footwear before entering these areas.

Can my child shower after their swim?

Yes.  Please be quick to allow everyone the opportunity to shower.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

We are encouraging all our customers to continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing and hygiene measures during their visit.

What happens if my child needs support using the toilet?

We would ask that you encourage your child to use the toilet facilities before their lesson. However, should they need to use the facilities during the lesson a member of staff will ask you to help them and then return them back to the pool.

What happens after the lesson?

Each lesson is 25 minutes in length.

As the lesson comes to a conclusion parents / guardians should collect their children from the lesson and change in the changing rooms.

We would encourage you to change and vacate the changing rooms and leisure centre as soon as you can to minimise contact time with other customers.

Why not continue to use onesies to speed up your changing?

Can I spectate the lesson?

Yes you can.  The Main & Splash pool spectating areas will be open as will the teaching pool corridor.  We would encourage the wearing of face coverings as well as maintaining social distancing while in the area.

We will not be providing seating in the teaching pool corridor so this will be a standing room only area.  This is due to concerns the area becomes a potential dangerous area should an emergency evacuation be required.

We have noticed that children are performing much better without the distraction of spectators, particularly within the teaching pool environment, to maintain this positive impact of the Covid restrictions we are installing one-way film on the teaching pool windows.  This will allow slightly obscured viewing for parents and guardians but prevent pupils from being distracted by those watching.