FAQs for Gymnastics and Trampolining at Kimberley – Relaxation of Covid19 Restrictions, 19th July 2021

When will sessions change?

We expect to introduce changes from September 2021

What are the new times/days?

We now host gymnastics on Wednesday evenings from 4pm-7pm and Trampolining on Thursday Evenings 4pm-7pm.

How long will each session be?

Each session will now be 55 minutes in length

How do I enrol?

To enrol please visit: https://www.lleisure.co.uk/make-an-enquiry/ and fill in your details. A member of the team will get back in touch with you regarding sessions, giving you information and taking your booking where spaces permit.

Can I go straight into my session?

Please arrive no earlier than 5minutes before your session starts. You will enter via the normal entrance doors and make your way to the sports hall. Please encourage your child to use the toilet on their way down into the session.

Parents / Guardians will leave their child at the sports hall entrance door with their coach.

You can then collect your child after their 55 minute session from the sports hall entrance. Their coach will release each child when they see their parent / guardian in attendance.

What safety measures are still in place to protect my child?

We understand that a relaxing of restrictions can be a worrying time for parents to bring their children into a public place. Therefore, we will be continuing to host our gymnastics and trampoline sessions in the sports hall without spectators to limit the number of people in the hall at any time. This also has the added benefit of parents not distracting their child.

We will also still encourage our customers of all ages to continue to use hand sanitiser around the leisure centre and welcome the use of face coverings should you choose to continue to wear these.

Our coaches will lead a maximum of 8 children per session on equipment at any time; and to bring their own personal equipment as needed (chalk, ribbons etc) as per British Gymnastics guidance.