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When will the leisure centres open?

Gyms and fitness classes will return from July 25th. We are aiming for public swimming to be available from Monday 3rd August. For clubs and other activities, we will be working with groups on an individual basis. We will need to agree on measures to be put in place before we can confirm a start date.

A phased approach to returning to normal is being taken. This is to ensure that the changes we have put in place work to keep everyone safe and that we can maintain the Covid Secure guidelines as numbers in sites increase.

If you are a club or regular block booker, it is recommended that you keep in touch with your National Governing Body organisation, plan and record how you will manage your activity in advance of returning to our sites and contact your leisure centre after the 3rd of August to discuss your return.

What are the opening times?

Monday – Friday – 6.30am – 9.00pm
Weekends – 8.00am – 5.00pm

Monday – Friday – 6.30am – 9.00pm
Weekends – 8.00am – 5.00pm

Monday – Friday – 4.00pm – 9.00pm
Weekends – 8.00am – 5.00pm

Is this a permanent change to the opening times?

We will constantly monitor how busy the centres are and where necessary make changes, taking into account customer demand and the maintenance of the Covid Secure measures at our sites.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

We encourage the use of face coverings but this is not mandatory. This may change depending on future government guidance.

Do I have to book in advance?

Initially all visits will be managed through online bookings and that need to be made in advance of your activity. If you arrive without booking in advance you will be asked to book online using your mobile phone and if there is a queue, re-join this while doing so.

Why do I have to book in advance?

We are working closely with Nottinghamshire Public Health. We must control the amount of people in the building at any one time. In addition, should we be contacted with regards to track and trace we need to have an accurate record of who was in the building at any one time.

What will I have to do when I arrive in reception

For Gym and Fitness Classes

First, you will have booked in advance. Please sanitise your hands on arrival. Because you will have already booked and paid, you will be required to confirm your leisure card number on arrival to validate your booking. Once your booking is confirmed you will follow the signs to your activity.

If the gym isn’t full after my booked session, can I stay for longer?

Yes, however you will need to leave the building, rebook online and then register yourself for the additional session by following the one-way route back through reception. This is so that we can confirm you have stayed in the building for the additional booking.

Can I bypass reception and go straight to my activity?

No, you will still need to register your additional attendance at reception so that we can maintain the accuracy of our records in case they are required by the Track and Trace service.

If I have booked two classes in a row, can I remain in the studio until the next class starts?

We will be thoroughly cleaning the studios after each class, therefore ask you to leave following the one-way system and re-entre the studio just as the next class is about to start.

How will you keep the gym and classes clean?

A member of staff will be cleaning in the gyms alongside the Fitness Advisor. Equipment will have a green and red label. If green shows, then the equipment is clean. If red shows, then the equipment needs to be cleaned.

We need customers to work with us to wipe down equipment after use using the disinfectant spray that we will provide.

All of our fitness spaces will be disinfected at the start or end of each day using a fogging machine.

What changes have you made in the gym?

We have reduced the capacity of the gyms to meet government guidelines. We have also removed some equipment and will leave some equipment turned off so that it cannot be used. At Bramcote and Kimberley we have added some screens to create a barrier between pieces of equipment.

Fitness class numbers have also been reduced to maintain social distance, with cleaning scheduled to take place in studios between each session.

Will there be a queue?

We have planned staggered start times for activities, which will allow us to manage building flow and prevent queueing. However, due to the need to social distance there is likely to be a queue at busier times of the day. Where possible we encourage you to visit at less busy times and not to arrive too earlier, or too late for your activity.

We have not worked like this before. It may take our staff a little time to get used to managing customers through reception. We would really appreciate your patience with us when managing queues.

Will the gym changing rooms and showers be open?

No, changing rooms and showers will not be open because we cannot maintain social distancing in these spaces under existing government guidelines. This will be reviewed over the coming months.

Where can I store my belongings?

There will not be a dedicated place to store belongings or valuables. We strongly recommend that you bring as little as possible when you visit. Plan well and think about somewhere you can keep your phone, keys and valuables with you throughout your session.

Will the toilets be open?

Yes, we are increasing our cleaning frequency of toilets. Please sanitise your hands before and after using the toilets to help us keep everyone safe.

Can I still use the vending machines and reception area?

No, there will be no stock in our vending machines for the time being. This will be reviewed over time.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

Yes, we will not be providing these. If you use a mat for any activity in the gym or classes then you will need to bring your own for the foreseeable future.

Will water fountains be available?

Please bring your own water with you and remember to take the bottle home at the end of your session.

How will I leave the building when I have finished my activity?

In all of our buildings you will no longer leave via reception. In accordance with the one way system, signage will direct you from your activity to leave the building by a fire exit. This arrangement is temporarily in place to help maintain social distancing.

Public Swimming Will Be Available From 3rd August Onwards

When will I be able to book swimming?

You will be able to book swimming from the 31st of July onwards. Click Here to book.

How will I book my session? 

All sessions will be bookable in advance online. Click Here to book.

Session length?

Any advertised session time will include confirming your booking at reception and the time it takes to change. This will mean your time in the pool will be slightly less than the length of the session.

What will I book and how will my session work?

The following options will be available to our customers:

Lane Swimming – 60 minute slots will be available by booking in advance. The 60 minutes will include confirming your booking at reception and the time it takes to change.

At Bramcote there will be 3 double lanes, with a maximum of 10 swimmers per lane.

At Kimberley there will be 2 double lanes (maximum of 8 swimmers per lane) and 1 single lane (maximum of 4).

Private Lane Hire – Book a private lane for up to five people and use in your family bubble.

Family Bubble Swims – ‘Family Bubble Swims’ are available at Bramcote Leisure Centre and Kimberley Leisure Centre. This includes a space the size of half the splash / teaching pool. This can be booked for a family bubble of up to 5 people for 60 mins. A family bubble swim requires at least 1 adult and must meet existing child to responsible adult supervision ratios.

When will Aqua Fit and Aqua Care Return?

Aqua Fit and Aqua Care will be returning soon, probably around the mid-August to September time. Keep checking our website and social media for further updates.

When will swimming lessons return?

Swimming lessons are likely to return around September time, but keep checking social media and the website for the latest updates further details.

Are ladies only lanes available?

Yes, ladies only lanes will be available at Bramcote Leisure Centre.

Are adult only lanes available?

Yes, adult only lanes are available.

What should I bring/wear to my swimming session?

You should come to your session “beach ready”. By that we mean wearing your swimming costume under your clothes and bringing as little as possible in the way of extra clothing.

Will the showers be available?

No, at this time we are unable to provide showers and maintain the social distancing and hygiene standards we require in the changing rooms. Please be assured that this will be under constant review, with the aim of providing these to our customers at the earliest possible date. We thank you for your patience and cooperation at this difficult time.

Will lockers be available?

No, at this time we are unable to provide lockers and maintain the social distancing and hygiene standards we require.

Where will I keep my kit during my swim?

Swimmers will be expected to keep their kit at the side of the pool during their swim. We suggest you bring a waterproof bag in which to store your belongings.

How will customers be guided through the pool?

As with the centre as a whole, there will be a one-way system in place to ensure social distancing is adhered to. In addition to this, new exits have been designated and these will be clearly signposted.

How will I pay for my session?

Initially payments will be contactless in reception, with online payment to follow soon.

How has the pool water been made safe?

Extra chlorine has been added to the pool in line with PWTAG regulations.

Can I wear shoes in the changing room?

A no shoe policy in the changing room will still be in operation at Bramcote Leisure Centre – customers will need to put their shoes in their bags as the racks have been put out of use and the seats and boat have been removed from the landing.

Will there be more sessions available as time goes on?

Yes, more sessions will become available as things progress.

Has the swim admission policy changed?

No, the swim admission policy remains the same and can be found on our website.