Keeping You Safe Once We Reopen

We’re constantly thinking about the best ways to keep you safe. Below are some of the measures we’re looking at taking when we reopen.


Online Booking

Moving forward, all gym sessions will be available by booking online in advance.

Car Park

We will encourage all of our customers and staff to be aware of other people when accessing their cars. Keeping a safe distance from other leisure centre users will promote higher levels of hygiene and reduce the chances of transmission.

Card Payments

Moving forward, all transactions will be contactless card payments.

Gym Space

To encourage social distancing, we will increase the space between pieces of equipment that are in use in our gyms.

Face Coverings

When we reopen, you may see our staff wearing face coverings and offering hand gel to customers. We also welcome any customers wishing to wear their own face coverings.

Customer Flow

To promote social distancing, we will manage the flow of customers through our centres, channeling people in a way that reduces contact and dwell time.

Increased Cleaning

We will implement an increased cleaning regime when we reopen, making sure all equipment and facilities are cleaned thoroughly between sessions.

Les Mills

We will be adding more Les Mills virtual classes once we reopen and cleaning between sessions will be increased.

Vending Machines

To encourage social distancing and reduce the chance of transmission, we will stop the use of vending machines in our centres.

Mats and Soft Areas

To promote higher levels of hygiene, we may remove some mats and soft areas from our centres.


Planning Your Visit

We will encourage all of our customers to plan their visit carefully, ensuring that no extra time is spent in the centre either before or after their visit.


We encourage the use of PPE for both staff and customers, including face coverings, gloves and the use of hand sanitizer.


We will encourage all of our customers to wipe down any equipment they come in to contact with both before and after use.


Please wear a face covering when spotting for other members in our free weights area.

Social Distancing

We will expect all customers to respect other users of our centres and keep to the 2 meter safe social distancing rules.

Customer Flow

Please pay attention to the signage in centre. It is there for your safety and will allow customers to move through our centres in the safest possible way.


Please bring your own refreshment, including your own water bottle, and take this home with you after you visit the centre.

In This Together

Finally, we would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support during this difficult time. We ask that we all be understanding of the changes we are having to make and ensure that we show patience and manners to each other at all times.