Kimberley Swimming Lesson FAQs – Relaxation of Covid19 Restrictions, 19th July 2021

Can I accompany my child to their swimming lesson?

Only one parent / guardian can accompany their child into the leisure centre.

What happens when I arrive at the leisure centre?

The main entrance doors will return to normal, allowing access into and an exit out of the building, as it was pre-pandemic.

We are continuing to encourage the wearing of face coverings whilst in the leisure centre and temperature checks for both the swimmer and the parent on arrival. A high reading by any of the family unit would result in non-participation in the lesson.

Hand sanitiser is available at multiple points throughout the leisure centre which we ask that you make use of.

What alterations have been made to the changing arrangements?

All swimmers are encouraged to arrive beach ready to reduce the amount of time in the changing areas.

From Thursday 29th July, the swimming pool changing rooms can be used for both pre and post swim changing. The cubicles within the current changing rooms are being removed to provide additional changing space. They will return to being designated as the male or female pool changing rooms.

Lockers will be available for storage of your child’s belongings.

As expected, regular cleaning is in operation throughout opening hours.

How does my child access poolside?

Access onto poolside returns to normal from Thursday 29th July, i.e. through the pool changing rooms. A parent can accompany their child into the changing room. One parent or guardian may spectate.

Can my child shower after their swim?


Do I need to wear a face covering?

If you are staying to spectate we suggest that you wear a face covering.

What happens if my child needs support using the toilet?

We would ask that you encourage your child to use the toilet facilities before their lesson. However, should they need to use the facilities during the lesson a member of staff will ask you to help them and then return them back to the pool.

What happens after the lesson?

Each lesson is 25 minutes in length.

As the lesson comes to a conclusion parents / guardians must return to the pool changing room, maintaining a social distance, ready to assist their child.

10 minutes changing time is allowed (maximum). Use of a onesie or similar is encouraged to speed up time taken to change. Showers and hairdryers will be available.