General Swimming FAQs – Reopening March / April 2021

Public Swimming Will Be Available From Monday 12th April 2021 Onwards

When will I be able to book swimming?

You will be able to book swimming from the 5th April onwards. Click Here to book.

How will I book my session?

All sessions will be bookable in advance online. Click Here to book.

Session length?

Any advertised session time will include confirming your booking at reception and the time it takes to change. This will mean your time in the pool will be slightly less than the length of the session.

What will I book and how will my session work?

The following options will be available to our customers:

Lane Swimming – 60 minute slots will be available by booking in advance. The 60 minutes will include confirming your booking at reception and the time it takes to change.

At Bramcote there will be 3 double lanes, with a maximum of 10 swimmers per lane.

At Kimberley there will be 5 single lanes – 2 slow lanes, 2 medium lanes and one fast lane (maximum of 6 swimmers per lane)

Private Lane Hire – Book a private lane for up to five people and use in your family bubble.

Family Bubble Swims – ‘Family Bubble Swims’ are available at Bramcote Leisure Centre and Kimberley Leisure Centre. This includes a space the size of half the splash / teaching pool. This can be booked for a family bubble of up to 5 people. A family bubble swim requires at least 1 adult and must meet existing child to responsible adult supervision ratios.

When will Aqua Fit and Aqua Care Return?

Aqua Fit and Aqua Care will hopefully be returning from 17th May. Keep checking our website and social media for further updates.

When will swimming lessons return?

Swimming lessons return on 12th April. Keep checking social media and the website for the latest updates further details.

Are ladies only lanes available?

Yes, ladies only lanes will be available at Bramcote Leisure Centre.

Are adult only lanes available?

Yes, adult only lanes are available.

What should I bring/wear to my swimming session?

You should come to your session “beach ready”. By that we mean wearing your swimming costume under your clothes and bringing as little as possible in the way of extra clothing.

Will the showers be available?

No, at this time we are unable to provide showers and maintain the social distancing and hygiene standards we require in the changing rooms. Please be assured that this will be under constant review, with the aim of providing these to our customers at the earliest possible date. We thank you for your patience and cooperation at this difficult time.

Will lockers be available?

No, at this time we are unable to provide lockers and maintain the social distancing and hygiene standards we require.

Where will I keep my kit during my swim?

Swimmers will be expected to keep their kit at the side of the pool during their swim. We suggest you bring a waterproof bag in which to store your belongings.

How will customers be guided through the pool?

As with the centre as a whole, there will be a one-way system in place to ensure social distancing is adhered to. In addition to this, new exits have been designated and these will be clearly signposted.

How will I pay for my session?

Payment must be made in advance online when booking your swim.

How has the pool water been made safe?

Extra chlorine has been added to the pool in line with PWTAG regulations.

Can I wear shoes in the changing room?

A no shoe policy in the changing room will still be in operation at Bramcote Leisure Centre – customers will need to put their shoes in their bags as the racks have been put out of use and the seats and boat have been removed from the landing.

Will there be more sessions available as time goes on?

Yes, more sessions will become available as things progress.

Has the swim admission policy changed?

No, the swim admission policy remains the same and can be found on our website.