Kimberley Swimming Lesson FAQs – Reopening March / April 2021

Can I accompany my child to their swimming lesson?

Only one parent / guardian can accompany their child into the leisure centre.

What happens when I arrive at the leisure centre?

The entrance is one way only – in. We have a new exit route so that customers can maintain a social distance.

Please wear a face covering whilst in the leisure centre.

Temperature checks will be conducted on both the swimmer and the parent on arrival at the leisure centre. If the parent is accompanied by another child, they must be temperature checked too. A high reading by any of the family unit would result in non-participation in the lesson.

Hand sanitiser is available at multiple points throughout the leisure centre which we ask that you make use of.

You will be guided to a changing area by a member of staff.

What alterations have been made to the changing arrangements?

All swimmers are asked to arrive beach ready to reduce the amount of time in the changing areas. Some swimmers will be asked to change into their costume in either Studio1 or the Sports Hall and then escorted to the pools by a staff member. We have had to put this system into operation to ensure social distancing is in place whilst also maximising as many children returning to their swim lessons.

Those children swimming between 9am and 2pm weekdays will change in one of the pool changing rooms pre and post swim.

Those children swimming between 3pm and 6pm weekdays will get changed in Studio 1 pre swim and the pool changing room post swim.

Those children swimming from 6.15pm weekdays will get changed in the Sports Hall pre swim and the pool changing room post swim

Those children swimming at a weekend will get changed in Studio 1 pre swim and the pool changing room post swim

The men’s and women’s changing rooms have been adapted with a number of cubicles installed (no group changing now available), providing a screen between your child and others whilst getting changed. These are now known as Pool Changing A (old male) and Pool Changing B (old female).

As expected, regular cleaning is in operation throughout opening hours and the changing cubicles will be cleaned between each group’s use. A disinfectant fogging machine is used at the end of each evening to clean the changing areas too.

What does ‘beach ready’ mean?

That children have their swimwear on under their clothes / onesie to speed up changing time. All of the child’s belongings must be collected and stored in a swim bag to be kept with the parent / guardian.

Easily removed footwear would also be helpful such as flip flops or Crocs.

How does my child access poolside?

If they are using the pool changing rooms, access is in the normal way and hasn’t changed. Parents can accompany their child into the changing room. The parent must store all their child’s belongings in a swim bag and take with them, proceeding to the spectating area for the duration of the lesson.

If your child is changing in either Studio 1 or the Sports Hall, a staff member will escort them onto poolside via the door in the reception foyer. The parent must keep the child’s swim bag for the duration of the lesson whilst they spectate.

Can my child shower after their swim?

No, government guidance is not to allow the use of showers to ensure social distancing is maintained within the changing area. In addition, there are no hairdryers nor lockers available for use.

Will the swimming lesson be safe?

Our main aim is to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19 so some things we do may seem a little excessive.

Chlorine levels have been increased. Industry experts believe that Covid-19 should not be transmissible through the chlorinated swimming pool water.

Your child’s swim instructor will teach from the poolside and maintain a 2m social distance.

Maximum class sizes have been reduced to ensure 2m social distancing within the pool. Spacing between children has been identified on the poolside.

Equipment will not be shared between children and is cleaned between each lesson.

Activities will be adapted to keep social distancing between children.

Where can I watch?

For Teaching Pool lessons only – Three spaces have been identified on the ground floor viewing through the window and five spaces on the first floor pool balcony. Only one parent / guardian per swimmer.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

If you are staying to spectate we ask that you wear a face covering.

My child has lost confidence

We understand that many children may have lost some swimming skills over the last few months and will need to re-start the learning process again.

Encourage your child to enjoy their session.

Your child will be taught skills relevant to their ability. Please be patient with us and your child whilst we rebuild their skills.

Movement within the lesson structure will be limited until we return to a full programme in the medium term. The Home Portal will not be updated in the short term so that Swim Teachers can focus on delivering an enjoyable experience in a safe environment. Previous achievement records may change within the home portal dependent on the child’s residual skill level.

What happens if my child needs support using the toilet?

We would ask that you encourage your child to use the toilet facilities before their lesson. However, should they need to use the facilities during the lesson a member of staff will ask you to help them and then return them back to the pool.

What happens after the lesson?

Each lesson is 25 minutes in length.

As the lesson comes to a conclusion parents / guardians must return to the pool changing room, maintaining a social distance, ready to assist their child.

Each group of swimmers will be escorted to their changing room to be met by their parent (and swim bag) in a changing cubicle.

10 minutes changing time is allowed (maximum). Use of a onesie or similar is encouraged to speed up time taken to change. No showers or hairdryers are available to maintain social distancing.

Leave the building via the new exit route.