Bramcote Swimming Lesson FAQs – Reopening March / April 2021

Can I accompany my child to their swimming lesson?

For children in the Teaching and Splash pools  one parent / guardian can accompany their child into the leisure centre you will be able to support them to get changed once your child is in the lesson you will then be asked to wait in the main pool gallery during the lesson. Once the lesson is complete you will be asked to support your child to get changed and leave the site. If you normally accompany your child in the water for their lesson you will still need to accompany them.

Should you or your child require tailored needs please speak to a member of staff who will be able to provide assistance.

What happens when I arrive at the leisure centre?

Please wear a face covering throughout your visit to the leisure centre

Teaching pool & Splash pool lessons

Parents/guardians and pupils should access the leisure centre via the main entrance doors where there is a one-way system in place to maintain a social distance. Please only come 5/10 minutes before the start of your lesson. Please self-check your temperature when accessing the leisure centre using the temperature scanners located in the reception area.

Main pool lessons

You should be dropped off at the fire exit next to the football pitch no more than 5 minutes prior to your lesson.

Temperature checks will be conducted and your register will be taken by a member of staff at the fire door.

Can I change my baby into their swim nappy?

Yes. There are baby changing mats in the group changing area for you to change children into swim nappies. There is sanitising materials in the area but if you wish you can bring your own mat along with you.

What alterations have been made to the changing arrangements?

Don’t forget to come beach ready

Teaching Pool

Once on the changing room landing you will enter the group change. You will get ready for the lesson then follow the one-way system to the holding area (communal shower space). Your instructor will then escort you to your lesson.

Please take all belongings with you to the main pool gallery area.

Parents/guardians will then be able to make their way to the main pool gallery area to wait for the lesson to end.

Splash Pool 

You will access the pool via the small side door directly onto poolside where you will get changed ready for your lesson (don’t forget to come beach ready!!). There will be changing pods on poolside if you forget to come beach ready.

Your teacher will then escort you to your lesson space.

Main Pool

You will then be escorted to your designated bag drop/change area on the main pool by a member of staff, you must come beach ready.

You will take off your outer layer of clothing, place in your bag and leave it in the bag drop zone.

After the lesson you will dry off and place your outer layer back over your swim clothes there are no changing rooms available.

What happens after my lesson has finished?

Teaching Pool

Once the lesson has ended a member of staff will ask you to come into the teaching pool where you can collect your child. Following the one-way system, you will be able to get your child changed in either the male/female changing spaces or the main village cubicles.

Main pool lessons & Splash pool lessons

Follow the one-way system around the pool and access the changing rooms.

Once dressed follow the one-way system to exit the leisure centre by the fire exit route.

We ask you to get changed as quickly as possible to allow for cleaning of cubicles and to allow flow through the areas.

There are some crossing points so please be courteous to other customers and maintain social distancing.

Main pool lessons

After the lesson you will be able to change on poolside in a changing pod then a member of staff will then take you to the main pool fire exit (front car park) and hand over to the parents/guardian.

Are you still operating a no shoe policy?

Yes. we are still operating a no shoe policy in the changing rooms so please take them off before entering the changing rooms.

What does ‘beach ready’ mean?

That children have their swimwear on under their clothes / onesie to speed up changing time. All of the child’s belongings must be collected and stored in a swim bag to be kept with the parent / guardian.

Easily removed footwear would be helpful such as flip flops or Crocs.

How does my child access poolside?

If they are using the pool changing rooms, you will access the are via the group changing room where you will get changed. Parents of pupils in either teaching pool or splash pool lessons can accompany their child into the changing room to help them change. All child’s belongings should be put in a bag and taken away during the lesson as lockers will not be available.

Can I bring food for my child to eat?

Unfortunately there are no areas within the leisure centre to eat food. We would encourage swimmers to eat in plenty of time prior to their lesson or wait until after the session.  We are sure they will be hungry after anyway.

Can my child shower after their swim?

Unfortunately, not to maintain social distancing and to allow us to operate activities and lessons we have closed the showering areas along with the hair drying service.

What if my child gets upset during the lesson?

Our instructors know your children and are very aware that your children may be apprehensive. If you can do all you can to make the visit fun that will help but if we cannot calm an individual down a member of staff will ask you to talk to your child in the pool area to see if you can reassure them.

Will the swimming lesson be safe?

Industry experts believe that Covid-19 should not be transmissible through the swimming pool water.

Our main aim is to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19 so some things we do may seem a little excessive or strange (you may walk around the one-way system a number of times on each visit!!!).  Please bear with us as things may change as we develop the best way to keep everyone safe.

Your child’s swim instructor will teach from the poolside and maintain a 2m social distance.

Spacing between children has been identified in the pool.

Equipment will not be shared between children and is cleaned between each lesson.

Activities will be adapted to keep social distancing between children.

Assistants will be in the water to provide encouragement and provide safety support to your child.

Where can I watch?

Unfortunately to minimise the number of people within the leisure centre there will be no spectating of the lessons. Staff are fully aware of pupil’s abilities and understand there might be anxieties to returning after such a long time away from swimming and will be very supportive of your children.

If your child is in a lesson in the Teaching or Splash pool the main pool spectating area will be available as a resting place during your child’s lesson. Please maintain social distancing in this area and wherever possible please bring your child alone as space is limited.

My child has lost confidence

We understand that many children may have lost some swimming skills over the last few months and will need to re-start the learning process again.

Encourage your child to enjoy their session.

Your child will be taught skills relevant to their ability. Please be patient with us and your child whilst we rebuild their skills.

Movement within the lesson structure will be limited until we return to a full programme in the medium term.

The Home Portal will not be updated in the short term so that Swim Teachers can focus on delivering an enjoyable experience in a safe environment.

Previous achievement records may change within the home portal dependent on the child’s residual skill level.

What happens during and after the lesson?

Each lesson includes all admin registration entering and exiting the pool area. We will ensure time in the pool swimming is maximised. Please help us by being on time to drop your child off, be quick in dropping off and collecting your child but most importantly please do not ask the instructor too many questions this takes up so much time.

As the lesson comes to a conclusion parents / guardians should be ready to make their way to the poolside. A member of staff will guide you to collect your child from the poolside. Please be aware that there are crossing points and there may be other swimmers in the are so please maintain a social distance.

For very small children who may struggle to get out of the water unaided we will ask parents/guardians to support their child out of the pool at the end of the session.

Use of a onesie or similar is encouraged to speed up time taken to change however changing is available following the one-way system but please be as quick as possible so we can get all swimmers through the area. No showers or hairdryers are available to maintain social distancing.

Will my child be safe in the water?

There will be assistants and volunteers in lessons where children swim unaided to provide support, encouragement and provide a safety net. These staff will maintain social distancing unless your child needs support to regain their feet.

The teaching pool water will be slightly lower than normal to allow smaller children the ability to stand up when they are practicing swimming should they need to.

The levels of disinfectant in the water has been increased slightly based on industry guidance.

Do I need to wear a face covering?


What happens if my child needs support using the toilet?

We would ask that you encourage your child to use the toilet facilities before their lesson. However, should they need to use the facilities during the lesson a member of staff will contact you from the main pool spectator area and ask that you help them and then return them back to the pool.

I have children attending back to back lessons. Can I bring my children at the same time?

We understand that it may be difficult to bring children separately. To limit numbers of people in the leisure centre at any one time we would ask that you do try and bring your children separately, however, if this is not possible you may bring your children together and wait in the main pool resting area until the start of the next lesson.