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5 Top tips to help you care for your mental wellbeing during isolation

5 Top tips to help you care for your mental wellbeing during isolation

The pandemic of COVID-19 has bought around many uncertainties and this is having an affect on people’s mental health and wellbeing. BBC News have published advice on how to protect your mental health in these difficult times especially for those who are already living with mental health conditions.

L Leisure would like to help provide guidance on how you can care for your mental wellbeing despite many restrictive measures already being in place. So what are the top tips?

5 Top Tips:
  • Mindfulness can help us pay better attention to the world around us and how we interact with it through our bodies. For more information on mindfulness visit the NHS helpful guide.
  • Physical Activity, there are many forms of physical activity that you can do from the living room to stay fit and build a strong immune system. All L Leisure members have access to Les Mills On Demand providing 95 free workouts across 8 categories to keep you active. There are also many other online resources to help, including 9am Monday-Friday online PE with The Body Coach that is suitable for the whole household!
  • Having a regular sleeping pattern is really important for good mental health. There are many apps to help you monitor your sleep such as, SleepWatch, Pzizz and Sleepio. If you are struggling with your sleep, consider making small changes to your bedtime routine for example a tech-free time before bed to limit the suppression of melatonin or avoiding eating foods high in sugar or drinking high-caffeinated foods late in the day. Visit the Mental Health Foundation for more guidance.
  • Stay connected, this may be increasingly difficult as self-isolation increases but it is important to remain in contact with others. Why not agree regular check in times with friends and loved ones, drop colleagues an email to check in with them or join a positive community group of like minded people on Facebook?
  • Eating healthy and staying hydrated are crucial elements of a healthy mind and body. Ensure you eat regularly enough to keep your blood sugars stable, even though you are likely to be moving less, than you would usually whilst in isolation, you still need to be eating regularly and drinking plenty of water to maintain your mood and energy levels.

If you would like to discover more tips, you could visit Place2Be resources for mental health and wellbeing for more guidance.

Take a read of Mind’s coronavirus and your wellbeing article for more advice on how to stay healthy during isolation.

The importance of self-care: how to look after your body and mind