Swimming Lessons

Swim School

Welcome to the Swim School at Bramcote and Kimberley Leisure Centre. Swimming is an essential life skill so we recognise the importance of all children developing water confidence and learning to swim. Our Swim School offers a wide variety of swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. We work in partnership with Swim England, the National Governing body for swimming.

We provide a high standard of quality swimming lessons, focusing on stroke technique and skill development. As a result we have received recognition for our high standards by achieving the Swim 21 accreditation. All our swimming lessons are delivered by highly qualified, skilled and committed swim instructors.

Our swimming lessons follow the Swim England national teaching plan to enable us to provide a structured framework.

Athlete development

As a progressive swim school, we recognise it is important to offer long term athlete development for all children.  Therefore in addition to our standard swimming lessons, we also offer a range of other pool based activities.  These include; Mini Polo, Synchronised Swimming, Diving and Lifesaving.  Furthermore these additional water activities provide an alternative to our swimmers in a fun and sometimes competitive environment.

Lessons Available

  • Adult & Baby/Child lessons – for 0 to 4 years (adult in the water)
  • Foundation and Stage Awards lessons (1-10) – for 4 years and over
  • Over 8 years and Teens lessons – for 8 years and over
  • Aquatics Sports Academy – Flip ‘N’ Fun Diving, Mini Polo, Rookie Lifesaving and Synchronised Swimming
  • One-to-One lessons
  • Inclusion lessons
  • Adult Beginners and Improvers lessons

We recognise that children progress at their own pace. Therefore our Learn to Swim Programme allows children to be continuously assessed each week by the instructors rather than set times throughout the year. As a result children are continually learning so are moving up through the swim stages.

Our classes also run continually throughout the year so we can ensure progressive development.

Home Portal

Swim School lets each parent log onto a ‘home portal’ to enable them to view the child’s progress each week. This allows the parent to choose the day and time for their child’s lessons when they’re ready  to progress to the next stage.

How to Join and Payment Options

We offer two payment options so you can choose how you pay.

  1. Direct Debit – a monthly payment along with an initial joining fee for continuous lessons throughout the year
  2. Block Bookings – a one off payment for 10, 15 or 20 lessons, to be re-booked at the end of each lesson block.

To join our Swim School, please contact your preferred leisure centre to check availability. You can also read our FAQs here.

Our Leisure Centres

Bramcote Leisure Centre
Telephone. 0115 917 3000
Email. bramcote@lleisure.co.uk

Kimberley Leisure Centre
Telephone. 0115 917 3366
Email. kimberley@lleisure.co.uk

Frequently asked questions

How many lessons am I guaranteed?

We guarantee a minimum 50 lessons per calendar year subject to lesson cancellations /pool closure. Each year we have a scheduled Christmas break for two weeks.

Do I receive free badges if I’m on a direct debit payment plan?

The Swim England stage awards are included free of charge. There is a charge for other badges, including distance badges.

What do I need to wear?

We recommend that full costumes are worn and tight shorts (jammers) rather than the baggy holiday shorts. All long hair to be tied back or a swimming cap can be worn. Goggles are recommended but not essential. All other equipment will be provided.

Do I have the same teacher all year?

Our Teachers have set lessons on a weekly basis, however this is subject to change due to factors out of our control.

Can I freeze my direct debit?

Unfortunately this is not possible. If you wish to cancel, please complete a cancellation form and cancel your DD with the bank. We require 30 days’ notice.

Will my percentage change every week?

Teachers update the ipods on a weekly basis, following a scheme of work. However there may not always be an increase in percentage, it takes practise to perfect certain skills.

How long is a lesson?

All lessons for children up to stage 7 are 30 minutes (including registration). Stage 8 and above, Adult lessons and other Aquatic disciplines are 45 minutes.

How long will my child be in the stage for?

Children all progress at different rates. It is impossible to give an exact time frame, each child is unique.

If I can’t attend, can I change my lesson?

This is not possible as a one off, however if you wish to move on a permanent basis depending on spaces this is an option. Lessons are non-refundable.

What if my child wants to swim more than once per week?

We offer a swim school plus option for members who want 2 or more lessons per week. Please contact reception for further information.

What is the home portal?

Lleisure Swim School operates a ‘home portal’ system. It allows a parent to view the progress of their child. Once a stage is completed there is an option to move classes on the home portal.

How do I cancel my swim lesson direct debit?

All monthly payable memberships are subject to 30 days written notice of cancellation, please let us know by completing the membership cancellation form - https://www.lleisure.co.uk/cancelling-your-direct-debit/ . It is also your responsibility to cancel your direct debit with your bank.