Junior Gym

Junior Gym

Junior Gym 11 – 15years


Junior gym is a fantastic way for young people to get involved in fitness in a safe and supervised environment. Young people can make new friends and socialise while promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle.

During each session juniors have the opportunity to use the gym equipment in a fun, exciting and safe environment. All sessions are supervised by a qualified Fitness Advisor and all new juniors will be inducted on how to use the equipment correctly and safely before use.

Aged 14 or 15? Bring a responsible adult over the age of 18 and train in the gym anytime! 1:2 ratio.


Gym Inductions are essential before starting in the gym. The induction will be taken by a fully qualified Fitness Advisor who will ensure that you are familiar with setting up the equipment for both safe and effective use.

Gym Inductions can be undertaken during any Junior Gym session. Don’t forget to book your session


Our fully qualified Fitness Advisors can tailor make a fitness programme designed especially for you-to help you achieve your exercise goals. Have the programme updated every six weeks to help keep you on track!

Gym Programmes can be undertaken during any Junior Gym session – Don’t forget to book in advance

Junior Gym Opening Times


 Days Times
 Monday  15:20 – 16:00
 Monday  16:00 – 16:40
 Tuesday  15:20 – 16:00
 Tuesday  16:00 – 16:40
 Wednesday  15:20 – 16:00
 Wednesday  16:00 – 16:40
 Thursday  15:20 – 16:00
 Friday  15:20 – 16:00
 Friday  16:00 – 16:40
 Saturday  10:00 – 10:40
 Saturday  10:40 – 11:20
 Saturday  18:00 – 18:40
 Sunday  10:00 – 10:40
 Sunday  10:40 – 11:20