Racket Sports

Chilwell Olympia has currently got spaces for our beginners gymnastics

Racket Sports

Chilwell Olympia has three squash courts, three tennis courts and ten badminton courts all available for members and non-members to hire out. Activities vary from table-tennis and short tennis to professional tournaments and social club evenings. We also offer nights where you can turn up on your own and play as part of a social group should you not have a sporting partner.

No Strings Doubles Badminton Competition

On Monday 27th May Chilwell Olympia will be hosting its first ever No Strings Badminton Competition.  The aim is to introduce No Strings Badminton players to a bit of light hearted competition with an emphasis on having fun.  The rules for the competition are as follows: –

  1. Players are welcome from any neighboring No Strings Badminton Session to Chilwell Olympia.
  2. Any player that is affiliated to a league club or has played in a regional or County league within the last two years is not eligible to play.
  3. Players must be 16 years or above and can be any gender.
  4. Plastic shuttles will be used.
  5. Each Match will be one game to 21 points or 2 clear points if 20 all is reached.
  6. If 29 all is reached then the first team to get 30 wins.
  7. Each pair will have at least 4 matches within a round robin depending on entries.
  8. The first two teams within each group will progress to the knockout stages.
  9. There will be some small trophies and medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams but its not all about winning!
  10. The cost is £25.00 per pair (£12.50 each) which is payable by the lead booker at the time of booking.
  11. The closing date for entries is Sunday 12th May.
  12. After the closing date the lead booker will be emailed to confirm the name of their partner.
  13. There is a maximum entry so entries may close early if the maximum is reached before 12th May.
  14. In the event of any disputes the event organisers decision is final.

To reserve and book your place then please click here


Squash Courts

We have three squash courts available to book for 45 minute slots. 1 court is used for table-tennis whilst the other two courts are used for squash and racket ball. You can hire rackets or purchase a variety of squash and racket balls at our reception depending on your ability.  We also run squash leagues which is a great way to meet other players and improve your skills.

If you would like more information or advice about playing squash or our squash leagues please email us

Racket ball

Racket ball is played with a shorter racket and a larger ball which slows the bounce making the coordination easier. This is the perfect introduction for beginners new into squash and/or racket sports.

No Strings Badminton

We recommend booking this social badminton session that includes games, coaching and advice whilst playing with other like minded people who enjoy a game of badminton. For individuals looking for a fun and friendly match against others. Everyone welcome.

Two hour sessions every Friday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm and every Sunday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Each session is £6.00 per person. Equipment hire is £2.00 per person. Minimum age 16 years old.

COMING SOON – Later this year we will be hosting our first ever No Strings Badminton Doubles Competition.  Please email us for further details and to register your interest.

Nottingham Badminton Association (NBA)

Chilwell Olympia are a venue for the NBA. Please visit their website for further information about becoming involved in team matches and professional league.