Whether you’re doing it for fun, chasing a fitness goal, or just to relax, there is no doubt that swimming is great exercise! After all, there is a reason why over 3 million of us do it every week in the UK.


At Lleisure we have a wide selection of activities across our pools.

  • Bramcote Leisure Centre has 3 swimming pools, which include a large 25m pool, a splash pool and a smaller teaching pool for younger children. Across the pools we offer a variety of:
    • Open casual swimming sessions
    • Lane swimming
    • Aqua Aerobics exercise classes
    • Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities
    • Children’s pool parties
    • Private hire for swimming clubs and groups
    • National Pool Lifeguarding qualification courses
    • Plus other courses such as Water Polo sessions, swimming badges and awards, synchronised swimming and a lot more.


So what are the benefits of swimming?

Regardless of your age or skill level, swimming can benefit us all. It is a great full body workout that builds your strength, burns a lot of calories, is brilliant for your mental health and even aids injury recovery and rehabilitation…so what’s not to love!?

Accessible For All

At Bramcote Leisure Centre swimming is accessible to all regardless of your age, ability or experience.

For those new to the water we have lessons for all ages to help you build your confidence, and for those already confident in the water we have a full timetable of sessions each day that you can attend for fitness or fun.

If you have specific needs, a carer, or competent swimmer can join you in the water and for access we have a pool hoist to support you entering and exiting the water should you need it.

Ready to Jump Right In?

So, if you’re looking for an activity that you can enjoy on your own or with your family swimming at Bramcote Leisure Centre is it!


To view our swimming timetable visit https://lleisure.gladstonego.cloud/en-GB/book