The Fast Track Focus!

The Fast Track Focus!

Welcome to my first ever blog

I’m currently writing this whilst listening to (and singing the lyrics across the office to my colleagues) the new version of “Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott so I’m feeling very relaxed!

I’m going to tell you about our new fast track kiosk. But before I do I can’t resist telling you a bit about myself. So a couple of things about me … I work at Bramcote Leisure Centre and have a complete love of food! Mainly any type of pizza and of course anything chocolate! I’ve worked for Bramcote for over a year now, but previously worked in the private sector of the leisure industry. My main roles were always focused around sales and customer experience.

I’ve always wanted to focus on the customer experience and have always been irritated when visiting a shop or using a facility and they have been seriously lacking in this. It can be anything from a big smile at the front desk to a getting served quickly and efficiently that makes my experience a good one.

So we have all put our heads together and listened to all the feedback that was given and decided we should have a fast track system where you swipe yourself in for the activity you want. By introducing this system we hope to reduce queues allowing members to swipe in without any hassle!

Now I know what you’re thinking.

Will it be as frustrating as the supermarket systems and my answer is no. It’s very simple to use just bring your member card with you and you will be able to swipe in for all of the facilities we offer for the day; that includes gym, swim, classes and health suite! Keep your eyes out for our shiny new Leisure cards that will be coming soon!

So come and give the fast track system go next time you’re at Bramcote Leisure Centre!

Don’t forget to keep up to date with new exciting events and activities!

Thanks for reading!

Beth J