Fight Night Build Up: an insight into training for a boxing match

Fight Night Build Up: an insight into training for a boxing match

Boxing match

As many of you are aware I am boxing on Friday 19th May at Pryzm in Nottingham. This will be my sixth fight and definitely one to prove myself with the chance of fighting on a show later in the year at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham. Here’s an insight into what it’s like training for and building up to a boxing match.

Boxing is a massively physically demanding sport that requires you to be at pinnacle fitness that means you have to train in a number of different ways in the build up to a fight. Working on punching alone is not enough, I have to do the roadwork (running), work on my core and leg strength (this is where punch power comes from). I also work on my footwork, and build my power and muscular endurance to enable me to work at a high intensity throughout each round.


In between fights I am still training but at a low intensity. When I have a fight date organised I pick up my training around six week before. During this time I start to build up my aerobic fitness with running and more time in the boxing gym on the pads, bags and sparring. When preparing for a fight I reduce my weight sessions to once per week in the gym. Then spend other sessions building up power and endurance through plyometric and bodyweight training.

After around two weeks of this type of training I start to introduce high intensity training such as hill sprints, battle ropes and rounds of constant punching of up to six minute on the bags. Introducing hill sprints and other high intensity exercises mean that I am including both aerobic and anaerobic workouts to mimic the demands of the fight. During this time I am still working on my technique with my trainer and sparring in the gym.

When it comes to the last two weeks of training this is where I really push my body with runs over various distances and durations. I also do boxing sessions three to four times a week and use kit like the watt bike to push myself in a HIIT session.


Nutrition is a big part of a fighters training, in boxing you have to meet a weight limit to be in a weight category. Previously I have been a Super Middleweight. In my last couple of fights I have struggled to make weight so this time I have taken the decision to fight at a higher weight class, Light Heavyweight. As I am fighting at Light Heavyweight this time I haven’t had to be as strict with my dieting as in the past. My diet consists of mainly of high protein and high carbs, on a training day I eat around 3500 good calories. This may seem like a lot but I can burn around 1000 calories a day through training.


When it comes to fight week I should just be adding the final touches to prepare me for the fight. The first couple of days I will be finishing off my training . After this my boxing will mainly be technique work with my trainer and talking tactics for the big night. In the final couple of days before the fight I will do some light work such as a slow run and some light stretches to avoid suffering from stiffness and fatigue on the night. It takes blood, sweat and tears to be a boxer but the rewards so far have been worth it.

Now I’m looking forward to the big night!

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