Chris’s Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support

Chris’s Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support

Meet Chris…a member of the Lleisure family who is taking on an epic challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support…


Hi, I am Chris! I will be doing a self organised Full Ironman Distance Triathlon (3800m swim, 180km bike, 42km Marathon run) on June 15th 2024. Some of my friends will be there to support me during this and do parts of each element with me to help me on the way. This is with the goal of raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

So, why Macmillan? The support that my Nanna, my family and I received along the way was something we all greatly appreciated. This is why I want to fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support, so other individuals and their families in similar situations can get the best support through these tough journey’s too.

You might be thinking, what would make someone do something so silly? Sometimes it takes something or someone very meaningful that you love to get you to do silly things. This beautiful lady in the photo is my reason and motivation for doing this. At the end of 2023, my family and I learned that my Nanna (Diana Mount) was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She passed on the 8th January 2024, its been such a difficult time for my family and I after losing such a huge part of the family but I can only imagine how difficult it was for my Nanna and how she must have felt.

My Nanna was a person who I loved very much and losing her is what triggered that urge for me to decide upon this challenge, so you could say it’s her fault for me doing this I suppose. She was an absolute treasure and an incredible lady, she loved to be part of things, being with her family and she was funny, also a bit mischievous at times and occasionally drove you mad, but I wouldn’t have changed her for the world. Although she’s missed deeply, the love I have for my Nanna and the love I felt from her is something that will remain with me always.

Any donations or support in any way would be massively appreciated and I’d be very grateful for. Even if it’s only a little, it means a heck of a lot. If you would like to support, just follow the link below.

Thank you, Chris x