Groups Galore at D.H. Lawrence’s Birthplace

Groups Galore at D.H. Lawrence’s Birthplace
Groups galore in store!

It’s going to be a busy summer for us at the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum as we’re set to have some huge groups visiting us in Eastwood!

Normally our small but perfect museum feels cramped enough with up to 10 visitors at one time… but with groups of over 100 wanting to visit us. We’ve had to put our heads together and think of some creative solutions!

So how do we cram it all in? How do we give tourists and school kids the best experience of not just Lawrence, but the mining and general local heritage of the area?

The largest group so far

The Nottingham High School was our most recent and largest group tour of the year so far. It had just over 100 students and helpers having a guided tour in one day! As well as the museum this group saw the Breach House, which is another of Lawrence’s houses and one of Eastwood’s hidden gems (normally only open to the public on Heritage Open Days). Here they did drama activities and looked at our range of resources, and spent the rest of their day at the beautiful Beauvale Priory!

Next up in July is a group who will be attending the International D.H. Lawrence Conference in London. Although a slightly smaller group, their day will be jammed with things to see and do. We’ll be teamed up with our friends from Nottingham University on the day to give the visitors a walking tour of Eastwood, of course with a visit to the Birthplace Museum!

If you see a large walking group in Eastwood this Saturday and a guide in a high vis orange jacket..That’s us!!

Later this month we have a family group visiting from Australia and New Zealand, who are related to the Walker family (of Barber Walker & Co, the major coal mine owners in this area). We even have 60 students visiting us from America while on a literary tour of the UK! We’ll give them a tour of Lawrence’s Birthplace, and take them to see the Brinsley Headstocks.

What is there to do near Eastwood?

You can take inspiration from our website here.

If you’re interested in booking a group tour with the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum, email us your enquiry to, or call us on 0115 917 3824 for more information, and we’ll send you a booking form.