Home Learning Ideas

Home Learning Ideas

Now that schools have closed, you might be thinking about how to keep the kids busy and make learning fun. We have a few home learning ideas to get you started.

Why not to try to include some reference to sport and physical activity in some of the educational things you do with them?


  • Take a certain number of basketball shots and work out the scoring percentage. You can plot this over time to see if your shooting percentage increases
  • Draw or make a football pitch to scale


  • Write a blog. Here’s some ideas … what sport means to you, what you’ve been up to since professional sport stopped, or how you’re keeping fit at home
  • Write a match report. This could be from a made up game, a game you have played in or one you’ve watched
  • Write a story about your favourite sport
  • Write a film review of a sporting film. Try Space Jam, The Karate Kid or Dodgeball


  • Investigate how a badminton shuttlecock works. What forces are at play?
  • Research what muscle groups are used for different skills. How do these muscle groups work?
  • Research energy systems used in different athletics events e.g. shot put, 100m sprint and 10k run. How these can be developed?


  • Research the origins of the Olympics and how it has developed
  • Research the past winners of your favourite sport at the Olympics


  • Research all of the teams in the league your favourite team plays in and plot them on a map. You could also link this to maths and calculate the average distance between the teams.


  • Design a new leotard for you trampoline club
  • Design a new club logo
  • Draw a picture of yourself doing your favourite sport


  • Do a home workout. There’s loads on YouTube, join Joe Wicks for a live workout or create your own circuit. Think about what exercises work different muscle groups
  • Practice netball passes against a wall. You could use a chair to practice passing around a defender.
  • Create a dance routine (and perform it to your family)
  • Perfect a new skill. Why not learn how to do keepy uppys, a forward roll


Check out BBC Super Movers for more ideas related to specific key stage areas.

Let us know if you try any of these, or have any of your own ideas.