Kimberley Leisure Centre partnership with dementia group

Kimberley Leisure Centre partnership with dementia group

I started working with the group from the Eastwood Memory Café in May 2018. It’s a fantastic local group that helps those affected by dementia and their carers to live well. Members of the group, both dementia sufferers and carers attend Kimberley Leisure Centre for an exercise session every two weeks. It’s been an amazing experience for me and I continue to enjoy every minute of it.

The sessions I deliver are very relaxed. The focus is on allowing people to do what they enjoy and are most comfortable with. I’ve been involved with the group for over 6 months and I’ve grown to build strong relationships with the participants. I look forward to seeing everyone for a chat, catch up on their news and to support their exercise.

The sessions not only have a positive impact on the participants living with dementia but probably even more so for their carers. It gives them a chance to exercise in a suitable environment with me there to help them. Because of my involvement with the group I’ve undertaken relevant training and dementia is a condition I’m learning more about every session.

I can’t praise the Eastwood Memory Café enough and the work they are doing in the community to support careers and people living with dementia is incredible. I feel so proud to have built a great link between Kimberley Leisure Centre and Eastwood Memory Café and I hope we can work on further projects in the future.

If you know of anyone living with dementia who you think would be interested in getting involved, do encourage them to get in touch with the group. Here’s some more information on what they do.

More about Eastwood Memory Café

They’re a not for profit organisation helping those affected by affected by dementia and their carers to live well. They meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Plumptre Hall Eastwood from 12.30-3pm.  They have lunch together (optional) and a chat and organise a variety of activities, sing-alongs, exercise, speakers and entertainment.

The group also meets on the last Monday of the month at the Dog and Parrot in Eastwood 6-9pm.  Exercise sessions are held every two weeks with Kimberley Leisure Centre. The group is currently looking into indoor bowling for the winter months.  They also arrange trips to the theatre and days out.

Please contact us if you’d like to find out more about Kimberley Leisure Centre and what we offer.

Kyle Wright, Fitness Coordinator, Kimberly Leisure Centre