My weight loss journey; a Bramcote Leisure Centre member’s story

My weight loss journey; a Bramcote Leisure Centre member’s story

One of our members at Bramcote Leisure Centre has an amazing weight loss journey to share. Here’s her story.

The beginning

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m 44 years of age.

Seven months ago I weighed 16 stone 12.5 lbs. I wasn’t in a good place and hadn’t been for a while. With a long list of medical problems I knew I really needed to do something about myself.

People put on weight for many reasons and it was something I struggled with since the age of 13. I had a difficult childhood which caused me to hate myself. I’ve had struggles with my mental health but I’ve tried to be strong for my kids and for my husband. I am lucky that I do have a great, supportive family.

Starting my journey; joining a slimming club

I had been thinking about joining a weight loss club and slimming world is only down the road from where I live. So on the 2nd January 2019 I took the plunge and joined slimming world.  Along with this I felt I needed something else to help me with my weight loss.

My next move was to start walking initially pacing around the block. Just doing that about killed me! Then one evening I was walking by Bramcote Leisure Centre and I decided I had to go in and ask about the aqua exercise classes. I was nervous but I thought to myself ‘just go for it, I have to do this to lose weight’.

Time for some exercise

For me, I realised that dieting alone wasn’t going to shift the pounds. At reception, I was made to feel very welcome by the lady that greeted me. With her help I signed up for my first aqua care class. Walking out of Bramcote leisure centre I felt amazing and also excited that I had made further steps to boost my weight loss.

I started the aqua class on Monday morning session and I loved it. I have also started doing the Thursday aqua class as an extra boost. Then the same receptionist suggested becoming a member as I was becoming a regular visitor. February hit and I lost my first stone. I felt amazing!  I was now eating healthily and exercising regularly whilst getting weighed every week.

My hurdle: the gym

Going to the gym was a big hurdle for me as my confidence wasn’t good at all. The words in my head kept going round; ‘come on you can do this, only you can make these changes, get on with it!’ I was daunted on my first visit, so many machines and exercises to do. I thought I was never going to be able to remember everything.

Fitness advisor Laurence gave me the reassurance I needed and I remembered what I had told myself! He gave me an initial programme involving rowing and on the bike. I’ve kept this up with some more exercises and try and go to the gym at least four times a week.  I also swim twice a week along with my two aqua classes and a daily five mile walk. I sometimes have to pinch myself, but I now LOVE exercising.

Bramcote Leisure Centre

The staff at Bramcote Leisure Centre staff have also all been awesome. I get weighed at slimming world every Wednesday and on the 24 July I weighed 10 stone 5.5 lbs. I know it is crazy to think I am now walking around in size 14 shorts and pretty clothes.  What weight is she now?

I’ve given it my all and used so much willpower to stop myself from eating Big Macs when out with friends. We still go out with family for meals but I now choose the healthier option such as chicken salad rather than steak and chips. I know what is good for me and healthy now.

The new me

I love the new me, I am full of energy and my breathing has also improved. I suffer with asthma but I am now finding that I can walk up hills and not feel as out of breathe as I used to. The other really positive health gain is that it has helped my arthritis and lower back pain.  Since become healthier it has helped with my back pain and I can now walk over 20,000 steps a day. This weight loss has boosted my self-esteem by millions and it’s something that my friends also tell me. The changes to my life have been amazing and this is how I want to live my life.

My amazing family

I have three amazing kids who aren’t kids themselves anymore (but if you’ve got children you’ll understand what I mean). They have also faced their own challenges. I am so proud of my children for everything they do and they are also proud of me. We can now go places together and I don’t feel like people are looking at me for the way that I look. My family tell me how proud of me they are and I get overwhelmed by their comments.

Where I am now

I am currently the happiest I have been for many years. It’s still early days but I know that I don’t want to go back to the old days of not exercising and eating junk food. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve been given from family, friends and staff at Bramcote Leisure Centre

For the first time I am now proud of myself.

This is just the beginning!

I hope anyone reading this, who’s struggling with the weight and unhealthy lifestyle can take some inspiration from my story.

My Journey to Health and Fitness