The Benefits Of Being On your Bike

The Benefits Of Being On your Bike

Every year when the sun starts to shine, lots of us love to jump back on our bikes and enjoy the freedom of cycling. Whether you cycle to work, cycle for fitness or just cycle for fun, getting on your bike is a brilliant way to feel the benefits of staying active. So if you are feeling inspired to get your bike out of the shed, or perhaps try cycling indoors in our studio, here are some reasons why you definitely should get back on the saddle.


Cycling ranks third in the UK’s popular recreational activities, with approximately 3.1 million of us cycling monthly. It is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your routine, and doubles as a means of getting around.

“Low-impact” exercises promote health and fitness while minimizing joint strain or damage. Studies suggest that these activities offer the same benefits as high-impact ones; the key is staying active.

Aerobic exercises like cycling enhance lung capacity and stamina. They also alleviate depression symptoms, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, decrease type 2 diabetes risk, and boost your immune system. So what’s not to love?

Regular cycling provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attacks and improving heart health. A healthier heart circulates oxygen more efficiently to your cells, enhancing their function.


Lets face it, we can’t depend on the weather, so if love being on the bike, but don’t want to get wet, then Indoor Cycling is a brilliant choice. Across LLeisure we have a range of indoor cycling options, from Spinning sessions in our studios to really give you the boost of the atmosphere, or you could simply hop onto one of the bikes in our gyms and go at your own pace.

Spinning, or studio cycling as it is sometimes referred to, utilises stationary bikes and often incorporate upper body movements. It is an intense session lead by an instructor that gets the class working together. These sort of sessions are great as they push you and motivate you to work harder than you perhaps would on your own. When you are surrounded by others working at the same pace and the music is pumping you just find the extra energy to keep going.

If a Spinning session is not your thing,, then you can just hop on a bike in the gym. In the gym you can workout at your own pace, or set yourself challenges, like time or distance goals to keep you motivated. Just pop on your ear phones, play some tunes that you enjoy and get into the zone.

So, whether you’re cycling indoors or outdoors, uphill or in the gym, just get involved this summer in cycling. You’ll love it.