Thinking about a Spinning Class? Here’s what you need to know

Thinking about a Spinning Class? Here’s what you need to know

If you’ve just signed up at the gym and you’re keen on taking on a challenging cardiovascular workout, a spin class is one of the most uplifting options you can choose. As noted by the Independent, spinning has conquered the fitness world, owing to its ability to burn calories – as many as 700 per hour!

These classes are usually the most popular at the gym, blending successful elements from various other classes and exercise forms. They include the catchy dance beats of aerobics, the resistance portion of a circuit class, and the racy speed of a run on the treadmill. Have you always wanted to try spinning and wonder if it is for you? Take note of the following and hopefully give it a go on your next gym visit!

What does a spinning class involve?

A class can last for 30, 45 minutes or up to an hour. It alternates high intensity and recovery periods, with the instructor guiding participants to adopt different positions on the bike. This can be everything from sitting to standing on the pedals, and ‘jumping’. The key is to get your heart rate up so you can build up cardiovascular endurance. You will certainly work up a sweat at this class, burning between 400 to 600 calories. At a particularly intense class, you can burn 700 or slightly more.

Can beginners tackle a spinning class?

Are you are an ultra competitive gym goer who likes to complete every exercise? You should  consider working up your resistance and cardiovascular fitness by cycling indoors at your own pace, slowly increasing both in velocity and resistance. However, if you are happy to do what you can, a spinning class is indeed useful even for beginners. You can keep the resistance on your bike low, pedal a little slower, or remain sitting while more accustomed members of the class stand or jump.

To learn the basics of spinning, watch a class for a few minutes and let the instructor know you are interested in giving it a try. They will then know to take it easy with you, guiding you on technique. This will ensure you don’t perform more intense exercise than you can handle. You may not be able to tackle a 60 minute class, but bear in mind that even half an hour a day of vigorous exercise is recommended. Doing as much as you can will certainly make a big difference. Your fitness level will rise quickly if you attend spinning classes two to three times a week.

Adjusting your bike and choosing the right gear

You will probably find that your bike needs adjustment in order for you to enjoy an ergonomic workout. Your instructor will help you adjust your seat height and the seat position, to ensure proper alignment. If your back or knees are hurting, chances are, your bike needs further adjustment. If you are sensitive to the hardness of the seat, opt for padded cycling shorts.

As for your outfit, if you start spinning frequently, consider cycling shoes, which simply ‘snap’ onto the pedal, keeping your foot stable. When it comes to your garments and shoes, investing in sweat-proof items (which wick sweat away) will help you avoid the unpleasant sensation of your shirt sticking to your skin. Bear in mind that spinning is a high-impact class and you will definitely be perspiring considerably.

Spinning is a super fun, energetic activity that is great for burning calories. It is highly suited to individuals after a high impact workout under the guiding hand of a motivational instructor. Spinning classes rely on dance music to keep you to the rhythm and for many, the class is a bit like a dance party on a bike!

We have spinning studios at all our three of our centres; Bramcote, Chilwell Olympia and Kimberley Leisure Centres.  With classes taking place every day of the week; from 30 minute express classes through to 60 minute endurance classes.


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