Training Buddy

Training Buddy

Having a training buddy can really spur you on. Someone who can encourage you to put on those trainers on the darkest, coldest of nights, can really help you to achieve your fitness goals or that all important New Year’s Resolution.

I started running on my own. I’d played football for a number of years and thought that running would be easy. Boy was I wrong! I lasted about 8 minutes before I realised I’d gone off too quick. I didn’t even make it to Watnall Bakery from my home just around the corner in Kimberley. Pacing is so important and once you settle into a comfortable pace, it becomes easier to go for longer. That doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t try and go faster though. It’s just important to find that comfortable pace when you first start out. You should feel relaxed when you run – sounds daft doesn’t it? But it’s true. Persevere and it will come!

I started running with someone else when I realised I wasn’t progressing. I wanted to start running faster and needed someone to push me. All that was happening was that I getting slower and slower, and finishing my run without feeling out of breath. I was keen to get quicker so I knew I needed a push. I needed a training buddy and a training buddy I have found.

She is always going to be quicker than me. She’s so light on her feet and she practically smiles as she runs down the Erewash Valley Trail with me. I find it difficult to keep up at times but each time we run, I push harder and it does get easier. That’s what it’s all about though, finding that someone who can push you and maybe, (just maybe in my case!), you can push them too. It’s nice to have company as well. Whether you chat or not, it’s nice to know someone else is there. It’s also good for safety too – especially on those dark winter nights. I sometimes sneak in a cheeky run after work at Attenborough Nature Reserve, but it’s not the same without her. I think if she knew I’d been without her, I think she’d be quite upset!

Running has really become a passion of mine. It’s something I do to relax, unwind and keep fit. It’s also something I now do with my best friend. Something that has strengthened our relationship and will continue to do so. My training buddy, my best friend, my labrador; my Loopy. I know she will help me to smash my New Year’s Resolution this year. It’s simply to spend more time doing what I love, with the people (or dog!) I love.

Anna Smith-Clare