We won: Nottinghamshire sport awards

We won: Nottinghamshire sport awards

Being nominated for an award was quite exciting. Myself and Anna from ‘Get Active’ attended the Nottinghamshire Sports Awards on Wednesday after #Broxtowegirlscan was nominated as Sporting Project of the Year. It was lovely to receive recognition and be nominated amongst a number of other fantastic projects. The awards started with an inspiring video of sporting achievements from across the County. Footage of casual turn up and play sessions and the Olympics filled the screen, as we waited for the awards to begin. We couldn’t believe it when we were announced as winners! Unlike Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, we celebrated by drinking a few orange juices and taking the tram home. We also made it in to work showered and dressed in clean clothes the following day!

International women’s day

The project was launched on International Women’s Day last spring. The project was a 10 week taster programme. Women of all ages and abilities tried a range of different activities including; Archery, Badminton, Netball, Clubbercise, Dodgeball and more. The sessions were all delivered by local clubs and groups giving women the opportunity to carry on with the activities afterwards. 40 women signed up to the programme and 26 women regularly attended the sessions where they improved their fitness, socialised and overcame their anxieties about their body shape and size. As the women grew closer they felt more confident and were able to embrace life in a more confident way. Once the programme finished a number of women joined the individual activity sessions and we know they are still there today!

We are currently repeating the project again this year and we are halfway through with the uptake being even bigger than last year! We have a new range of activities and coaches/instructors aimed at introducing women to a range of sports and activities in a fun way. It makes my job much more pleasurable seeing women enjoying themselves and leaving with smiles on their faces! They smile, I smile! It’s just infectious!

So why should you get active?

We can all recite the obvious reasons why we need to move more; to lose weight, to be a bit healthier, because you feel like you should and whilst they are all important, sometimes it’s not always enough to inspire us. The thought of the treadmill never quite lives up to the thought of a mars bar!

Well, why not see it from my point of view. Whilst I want to keep trim and healthy, my main reason for being active is the enjoyment factor. Activity helps me to learn new skills, make new friends and get some ‘me’ time. I love laughing my way through an hours session – you can actually burn calories laughing!

So, now it’s your turn. Grab a friend, grab your trainers and go and have some fun! Do it for the girls (or boys!)!

Explore our website to discover a range of activities for you, your family and your friends. 

Frankie Freeman