Why Learning To Swim Is An Essential Skill

Why Learning To Swim Is An Essential Skill

Why Learning To Swim Is A Skill You Shouldn’t Overlook: Dive Into Our Programme

Most of us take swimming for granted, just like riding a bike, but actually 1 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 children can’t swim a 25m length of a pool.

More than just a fun activity, swimming is an essential life skill for our health, happiness and safety. So whatever your age or ability, it’s never too late to take the plunge and learn how to swim.

Understandably some people are nervous about learning to swim themselves, or perhaps for their children being in the pool for first time. But there is no need worry, as we are here to support you at every step of the way.

Below we have answered some of the most asked questions, to help you feel more informed about learning to swim.


Can you learn at any age?

Yes! Our programme caters for all ages. Whether it is a new baby entering the water for the first time with their parent, or an adult in their senior years finally taking the plunge, we have specific lesson programmes and sessions for all.


How do I know if it is a quality swim lesson programme?

There are a few factors to look out for when choosing a swim lesson provider. Of course we would love you to learn to swim with us, but if you are not located near one of our pools, then these are the factors that you should look out for:

  • Expert Guidance – We pride ourselves on having a high level of supervision overseeing our lessons. For our Foundation levels where swimmers are new to the water, we have both a Level 2 teacher on the poolside and a Level 1 teacher in the water during classes. This ensures maximum focus and attention for each learner so that you get the specific support you need.
  • Highly Qualified Team – The quality of teaching is hugely important. So all of our instructors are Swim England qualified and beyond that attend a regular training session to ensure that their skills stay up to date and continue to advance. Beyond a swimming teaching qualification, our teachers are also trained in either Teacher Rescue or hold a National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification to give you piece of mind that should you need help in the water, we are right there by you side.
  • Continuous Assessment and Custom Plans – Our 10 week schemes of work are adaptable to give us the flexibility to focus on specific areas of you development that need more attention. The assessment of your skills is ongoing, so that each participant is able to develop at their own pace and progress when they are ready. This means that each participant has their own progression path.
  • Making sure that you can monitor progress – Having the visibility of you or your child’s progress at every stage is very important, this gives you the confidence that you’re developing. We provide each participant with ‘Home Portal’ access. This is a personalised online platform that you can log into anytime to get regular progress reports and an online scorecard to check you progress against the development criteria. This makes the teaching framework and criteria entirely transparent and reinforces the quality of teaching.
  • Easy Booking – Once you are registered onto the programme, our Home Portal allows you to seamlessly book sessions when you change level and develop, which makes it simple and hassle free for your convenience.


Once I Can Swim, Can I progress Further?

We want to keep you excited and passionate about developing your swimming, so beyond our normal 7 stage framework, we also have a number of sessions and pathways to develop your skills more.

Here are some of additional sessions that we offer:

  • Rookie Lifeguarding – The Rookie Lifeguard Programme is a fun and exciting lifesaving award scheme for young children, teaching self-rescue, survival and lifesaving skills. These progress along a framework of Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Synchro – You will have seen Synchronised Swimming at the Olympics and maybe always wanted to have a go yourself. Well now you can, on one of our Synchro courses.
  • Mini Polo – MiniWater Polo is a simplified version of the Olympic sport Water Polo where you swim, pass and shoot at a goal.


So…really it is never too late or early to learn to swim. With a wide range of opportunities to get in the water and learn something new, we are here to help!

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