Beating the Unexpected!

Beating the Unexpected!

I am 75 and still refereeing under 18’s football in the Nottinghamshire Youth Football League, fit and well. I credit this to regular exercise sessions at Kimberley Leisure Centre (and at similar facilities in Sheffield and Australia where I have lived over the last thirty or so years).

My story…

13 years ago I was refereeing a football game in Australia and felt unwell. A heart specialist broke the bad news that although I was physically very fit. I had a damaged aortic valve in my heart and needed urgent surgery; having a Swiss-made titanium valve fitted. But after quite a long time in intensive care and then another unexpected emergency admission to hospital with an unexpected complication, I was discharged in a pretty poor state. Having lost a lot of weight, my legs were like little sticks and I could only walk about five paces before needing to stop and rest!

I had been a member of my local gym in Australia and decided to start back. The owner took me under his wing and personally set and monitored a fitness-development programme that strengthened and rehabilitated me which got me mobile again. After a lot of hard work, I returned to refereeing …..and New South Wales Soccer honoured me by appointing me to referee the North Coast Cup Final the following season!

Kimberley Leisure Centre

Now I am not only alive, but still fit and active – entirely thanks to regular sessions at facilities such as at Kimberley Leisure Centre. Nothing too strenuous, but a personal programme just enough to sustain a healthy Body Mass Index, fitness and mobility level. There are experts on hand to suggest and recommend personal fitness programmes and help with use of machines and equipment at the centre.
I cannot recommend it higher! A couple of hours a week is all it takes, plus an active lifestyle and a sensible diet and moderate drinking. Why not start today? It really does make sense you know!

Why not start today? Invest a little time in your own health and wellbeing – you will not regret it.

Jim George

Kimberley Leisure Centre Member