Chilwell Old Limpy ‘Uns

Chilwell Old Limpy ‘Uns

Fitness, fun, friendship and fresh air

Are you looking for a new interest? Do you feel the need for exercise? Would you like to make new friends? With the cooler weather approaching, what better time to get outside, get active and take up a fun new sport?

Walking Football for older adults is a nationwide growing success story, and Chilwell Old Limpy ‘Uns is an exciting example of how the sport is taking off at Chilwell Olympia. However, we recognise that, as we get older, fitness levels can vary immensely. Our focus, therefore, is to provide you with a gentle introduction to the game and a means to enjoy the company of others at a similar stage in their lives.

If you think you might enjoy coming along and participating, we meet every Wednesday at 9.45 am at Chilwell Olympia. The cost is £3 for an hour of fun. The banter is free!

If you require more information, please contact Terry Adam on 07788 418534 or via email at