Christmas Fun Runners 2019

Christmas Fun Runners 2019
On Saturday 7th December we saw approximately 160 festive runners smash the 3k route around Weirfields Recreation Ground!


Congratulations to all 2019 Christmas Fun Runners!

Whether you walked, jogged or ran it we are so proud of you for completing the challenge.

On the morning

Despite a wash out of a summer this year, we were extremely grateful to wake up to a glorious sunny, blue-skied morning. At around 10am, our Christmas Fun Runners began to arrive in their best Christmas outfits with excited faces to collect their elf hat and spread the cheer. Shortly after Santa Clause arrived to support us on our 3k fun run playing our favourite Christmas tracks and taking photos with us all.

11am came around and our very own L Leisure Zumba instructor Heather, led us through 2 tracks of fun warm up Zumba routines to get us ready. Warm muscles and laughter later, we headed to the start line.

3, 2, 1 Go…

The event

Singing along to the Christmas songs off they went on their 3k run across the top of the embankment and down the side of the River Trent. The marshals were placed scattered around the route keeping up the Christmas spirit and encouraging all of our Fun Runners along.

We saw a great spread out of participants continuously crossing the finish line to be accompanied by Santa, cheers from the spectators and supporters and awarded a glowing Santa Clause medal around their necks. Many photos with Santa Clause later and off we went home for some yummy, well deserved lunch!


If you would like the chance to see Santa Clause one last time before Christmas, come along to our Santa Christmas Party & Grotto at Chilwell Olympia.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Beeston Park Run for your support with helping us to organise and run the Christmas Fun Run.

Santa’s grotto just got bigger and better!!!