Could Endurance Training Be For You?

Could Endurance Training Be For You?

Endurance training has recently hit the headlines with new research showing its anti-ageing benefits. For many people, endurance sports bring to mind gruelling marathons and Iron Man challenges, but at its simplest, endurance training involves undertaking regular, intense aerobic activity to improve your muscular and cardiovascular stamina.

It could be swimming lengths at Bramcote Leisure Centre, enjoying long distance runs at your local park or trying spinning classes at Chilwell Olympia. What matters is getting your heart rate up and working hard.

The strengths of endurance training

At the heart of most endurance training is cardiovascular exercise, which studies have repeatedly linked to numerous benefits to your body and mind, including weight loss, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Recently, scientists have found even more reasons to embrace endurance; just last year, scientists at the University of Bath discovered that endurance sports can boost the immune system. The new study into its anti-ageing effect on the cells in your body may be the final motivation you need to give endurance training a try.

Fuelling your fitness

Of course, it’s really important to support your training with the right nutrition. Carbohydrates which release energy slowly are useful for endurance athletes; think wholegrain pasta or rice, and beans or pulses. Good quality protein is also key for muscle repair; lean meat, seafood and eggs are all great sources. Give some thought to your drinking habits too; water is essential for keeping you hydrated, and several scientific studies have found that caffeine can help endurance athletes to run faster, cycle for longer or jump higher. Why not find a way to incorporate a quick coffee into your routine, for example, if you work out first thing, choose a coffee with a short brew time so that you can get up and out quickly and easily.

Getting started

If you’re keen to start seeing the benefits of endurance training, why not talk to an instructor at Kimberley Chilwell Olympia or Bramcote Leisure Centre and come up with a plan together. If you have any existing health conditions, they may also recommend that you speak with your GP too. Some people find it motivating to commit to an event to focus their training towards, while others prefer to start small and build themselves up. There’s no right or wrong; find what works for you.

Endurance training may sound daunting, but it can be effective, rewarding and even help you look younger! Ensure that you are supporting your efforts with the right nutrition, to not only help you work harder but also to recover well between workouts. Talk to an instructor about the right approach for you; and get ready to get leaner, go further and feel stronger.

Jennifer Irwin