Les Mills Virtual; what’s it all about?

Les Mills Virtual; what’s it all about?

Les Mills Virtual fuses the best technology (that’s sounds and lights) with brand leader exercise classes on a big screen. You’ll be immersed into the atmosphere of a live Les Mills class with workouts delivered by some of the world’s hottest instructors.

Virtual classes aren’t here to replace live classes. They’re here to offer more opportunities to attend a class at a time that suits you. Traditionally classes have been held at peak times to fit in with standard work patterns. There are so many different demands on us today that finding time to exercise can be tough. The flexibility of virtual classes means they can be programmed throughout the day to fit with your life. Did we mention you’ll also get great results?

Virtual v Live

Pick ‘n’ Mix; as variety is the spice of life! We know you like real life instructors. At our three leisure centres; Bramcote Leisure Centre, Chilwell Olympia and Kimberley Leisure Centre we do offer over 140 classes a week. There are times when all fitness instructors need a breather, and virtual lets us programme classes all day long. So whether you usually do aerobics, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Pump, Pilates or Zumba Les Mills Virtual will have something for you!

How can I do it?

Virtual fitness offers a seamless solution to allow you to exercise when you want. You can come alone or grab a few friends for some serious fitness fun!

What can I do?

Need a cardio blast, check out GRIT™ or BODYCOMBAT™? Want weights that’s simple BODYPUMP™. Bad day? walk out grinning-ear-to-ear with dance based SH’BAM™ class. Time for some core work (that’s your abs) then give CXWORX™ a go.  Done a tough gym session or weights class time to stretch out your body with a BODYBALANCEclass. Want to release the inner ballet dancer within; then  BARRE™ is perfect for you!

Never done a class?

Les Mills Virtual is the perfect place for newbies to try out a class. It’s a great gateway to live classes if you’re not feeling confident to try a live class yet. Virtual classes are programmed throughout the day so classes will have smaller numbers. This allows you to go at your own pace and learn the moves or steps your way, without any fear of intimidation.


Work shifts? Can never find a class that fits? Got kids and can only workout at a specific time? Are you early riser or a night owl? Les Mills Virtual is the  perfect choice to fit exercise classes into your week.

The science bit

Les Mills Virtual classes are developed by some of the worlds’ best fitness professionals. All the classes have been subjected to a thorough testing process. This ensures you get the results you want!  So what are you waiting for?

Keep watching us

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