How to find the best gym for you?

How to find the best gym for you?

There are so many things to think about when choosing a gym. Make the right choice and it could be the start of a long and beautiful relationship. Fall at the first hurdle and you could be bruised and sore about your decision. We’ve put together a short guide to help find you a gym that doesn’t just meet but exceeds your expectations.

Choosing a gym is a complex and personal choice and what’s high importance for one person may be low for another. Check out our quick guide for the essential questions that you should ask yourself or the gym!

1. Location, location, location

a) Are you going to visit on your way to or back from work?
b) How long will the journey take? What will the traffic be like when you travel?
c) Do you want a gym close to your home that you can walk or bike to?

2. Time and vibe…what do you want?

a) What time do you intend to visit? Early morning, daytime, evening, weekend?
b) Will it be busy at your chosen times?
c) Do you like a lively upbeat atmosphere or a quieter time? Check out the vibe at the time you intend to visit

3. When are you open?

a) Are you open early morning?
b) Are you open until late?
c) Do you open on bank holidays?

4. Can I park my car or bike?

a) Do you have a car park? Is it free to park?
b) Are there adequate spaces at peak times?
c) Is there a safe place for my prized bike?

5. How do I get a good feel for the gym?

a) Can I have a tour with a member of staff?
b) Do you offer a free trial pass to try out?
c) Could I visit with ‘pay as you gym’ visits?

6. What facilities do you have?

a) A well-equipped gym?
b) Pool for swimming / learner one for kids?
c) Fitness classes?

8. Fitness classes…what ticks your box?

a) Do you have a wide range of classes? Can I see your timetable
b) Do you do Spinning classes and have a proper Spinning studio?
c) Can I pre-book all my classes online?

7. Do you offer any other activities

a) Badminton or table tennis
b) Squash courts
c) A spa with sauna, steam room, salt room or spa pool

9. What about the staff and programmes?

a) Do you have qualified staff on the gym floor?
b) Are staff on hand to show me how to use all the kit when I start?
c) Will I get a fitness programme to follow that’s regularly updated?

10. What’s in your gym?

a) Do you have lots of running machines, rowers and bikes
b) Do you have resistance machines and free weights?
c) Is there a mat area to stretch or do abs exercises?

11. More specialised stuff – for the fitness geeks amongst you

a) How heavy do your weights go?
b) Do you have a squat rack too?
c) Do you have a rig or functional training area?

12. The stuff you may not even have thought about…

a) Are your gyms digitally equipped to log my workout or class?
b) Do you have an App with class timetable social media pages?
c) Will you be able to give me more stats than just my weight? Can I find out things like my body fat too, muscle mass, hydration levels and metabolic age?

13. Additional stuff

a) Do you have personal trainers on site?
b) Do you have additional member benefits?
c) Do you offer practical or health workshops?

We’re all unique and want different things from a gym that’s why we offer a wide range of facilities and activities for every ‘body’.

Why don’t you bring this list along to one of our gyms and see how many of the points you can tick off?

Why not check out our centres, call in for a personal tour, or take a virtual tour around Bramcote Leisure Centre, Chilwell Olympia or Kimberley Leisure Centre.

We also offer a range of memberships; from adult, junior and concession which are all great value for money. You can even try us out for FREE with a 3-day gym pass 

All our gyms are linked up to Mywellness for the best digital experience. You can find out more about Mywellness and how it can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

There’s also lots more information on our website about our facilities and our membership offers.