Let’s Move for a Better World: MyWellness account

Sign up for a FREE Mywellness account; you can log your moves on your phone, tablet or on our Technogym kit.

Looking for one more good reason to get up and go to the gym?

Let’s Move for a Better World campaign kicks off from Monday and runs until 31st March.

The more you train, the more Moves you collect for your local community – as Technogym converts Moves into donations for your local community.

Mywellness helps take your training to the next level;

  • Track all your activity in the centres
  • Access your training programmes via the App
  • Goal set using our Body Stat analysis, Tanita with results instantly stored in your Mywellness account
  • Link popular fitness Apps to your account
  • Track all your Moves outside of the centre to give you the most comprehensive overview of your activity

Speak to our fitness team if you need help setting up a Mywellness account.

Good luck and keep on moving!