Mywellness journey by Chloe

Mywellness journey by Chloe

Having access to the Mywellness App and Tanita (the body stats analysis machine) at the gym has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders…quite literally! I feel so much more confident working out and my mind is so much clearer.  Being able to access my workouts on the screens on the kit or on my phone right in front of me, with everything planned out, makes my gym sessions so much easier to keep on track. The best part about it is is that it’s all part of my membership fee.

Tanita has motivated me to lose weight as I never in my life thought my metabolic age was double my actual age! I knew I was putting on weight when I was eating pizza. But who knew that a pizza contained the amount of calories that I should have been splitting into smaller meals throughout the day?

Using Tanita is just fantastic, as it goes far beyond just your weight and body fat, and shows lots of information like your muscle mass and bone mass. It’s also good if you want to know where your body is strong and where your body is weak. This is where you can use the Mywellness App to plan workouts every day to make sure you are training efficiently enough and in the right areas.

Since using Mywellness I have been able to push myself above and beyond and train as an athlete would, if you push yourself hard enough and focus nothing is impossible, especially when the people around you are so helpful and friendly. I’ve also found so many different ways to do different exercises which makes things a little bit more fun as you can mix your routines up!

Here’s one of my Tanita results showing the improvement in my fat mass!


This one shows my visceral fat; that’s the dangerous fat around your organs


I’ve lost years off my age….going from age 26 to 21


Chloe has done brilliantly over the last couple of months. She’s lost a significant account of both body fat and also visceral fat which has helped bring her metabolic age down too. Just goes to show how the mywellness software and our Customer Journey process at our leisure centre’s is having a positive result with our members and helping them achieve fantastic results.

If this sounds like something that’d you like to give a go, just ask our fitness teams to show you how it all works and see how far you can go in your personal health and fitness journey.

Kyle Wright
Health and Fitness Coordinator, Kimberley Leisure Centre