Save a life, save a future. Learn CPR

Save a life, save a future. Learn CPR

We all know in an emergency to phone 999, but what do we do next?

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation is an essential emergency response for a person who is unconscious and not breathing. It involves compressing the chest and giving rescue breaths in order to maintain blood circulation and oxygen levels. This in turn will minimise brain damage and increase the chance of survival.

Statistics show that fewer than 3 out of 10 people in the UK know CPR highlighting the importance of CPR and first aid education. Chilwell Olympia will be hosting a workshop providing information on how to perform CPR on an adult and how to respond to someone choking. The workshop will focus on practical exercises and going through the motions of an emergency to help those participating act quickly and calmly in such cases.

The workshop will cover:
• Adult CPR
• Chain of survival
• How to use a defibrillator
• Choking
• Recovery position

By increasing awareness and confidence in CPR the survival rate of a loved one or a friend can be increased. The chain of survival (early recognition, early CPR, Early defib and post resuscitation care) must be followed and the key here is to act EARLY and without delay.

Join us at our workshop on Tuesday 16th January 6-8pm. To book please call 0115 917 3333 FREE to attend with a membership.