The road to running a half-marathon: week 6

The road to running a half-marathon: week 6

Getting Faster

After a disappointing week five I was determined to get all three runs in this week.  The good reliable British weather however was going to make it a challenge.  On Wednesday and Friday I managed to get both my 3 mile runs in up that favourite hill of mine.  To my surprise having a few days off last week appears to have done me the world of good.  Not only was I starting to find the 3-mile run a routine run, but I was also getting faster.  My Fitbit telling me my average pace over  3 miles is now over 3 minutes faster than that first 2 miles that I did back on 14 May.

To be fair I can’t see myself getting much quicker. Though my goal still remains to run the half-marathon without stopping.  I am not focused on speed or times, but it’s still an impressive improvement that I think I can feel proud of, right?

Moving my trainingGrayson's half marathon challenge

A trip down to Wales over the weekend to visit my parents made it practically impossible to get a run in.  I may have been getting better with my hill but I am most definitely not ready for the welsh mountains just yet.  Though of course this was my training ground 30 years ago.  I moved my longer run to Monday and took the pressure off trying to achieve too much.  The 5-hour journey home was not motivating me at all to put the running shoes on.

A 5.5-mile run

On Monday 24 June I was expecting thunder, lightning and lots of rain according to the forecast.  Luckily for me it didn’t really happen and at lunchtime I went for my 5.5-mile run.  I decided to do the same 5-mile route as last week but added on a nice trip around Colliers Wood. It had been a while since I had been around this park, I was impressed on how well it was maintained by the Friends of Colliers Wood and Broxtowe Borough Council have made some great improvements recently. These improvements will be much appreciated at the LLeisure duathlon on 13 October 2019.

Moorgreen Reservoir

After leaving Colliers wood I headed up the 1.5-mile hill again that goes past the Moorgreen reservoir.  It was a much nicer run than last week as I wasn’t running up a river thanks to the heavy rain.  No, this week the rain stayed away and I was able to get to the top with dry feet.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still hard work and I had to talk myself out of stopping on several occasions, but I was able to appreciate the scenery of the reservoir as I ran past.

From the top of the hill the road flattens off and then it was a nice 1 mile down hill to take me home.  For some reason, the last mile both last week and this week were my quickest miles, I wonder why?

Week 6 complete

I got home and my Fitbit said I had run 5.55 miles and my mission for the day was completed.  Next week I will be trying some different runs and stepping my longer run up to 6 miles.  Hopefully the weather will be nice to me although the forecast heatwave can bring a whole new set of problems.

So, if you want to join me on my little journey I will share my progress with you and whilst my only goal for now is to complete the Great North Run Half Marathon without stopping I am sure I will benefit from many other health benefits along the way and that just because I used to be able to do things 30 years ago, it’s never too late to start again.

Follow me and my journey to running 13.1 miles and be in with a chance of winning a Fitbit. Details will be disclosed before race day.

Grayson, Assistant Manager, Chilwell Olympia

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