Watts new?

Watts new?

New equipment ..

Has found its way to all of our gyms over the last few weeks. Providing us all with better, smoother equipment that simply does a great job. It is also packed with the latest tech for those who like to play!

The Wattbike is my techie training pal. These bikes are used by British Cycling, Team Sky and anyone who wants to get fitter quicker or simply likes to pedal a bike without getting wet and cold! The bike’s adjustments enable you to set it up to mimic your own outdoor bike. Or simply just to pedal comfortably. All you have to do is choose ‘just ride’ and away you go.

An aging Chris Froome

For me, a wanabee, aging Chris Froome, it measures how fast (or slow) I spin the pedals, the amount of power I generate along with the usual heart rate, calories burned, how fast and how far etc. Keeping records motivates me to keep going, comparing the past with the present reminds me to keep working hard. With the Wattbike I don’t need to write it down as the Wattbike App does all of the recording on my phone and even links with Strava to bring all of my cycling together in one place. Thanks to a great bike, with the tech to keep me motivated; I’m keeping my middle age firmly in the middle!!

Don’t forget though, even without the tech, the Wattbike is a great bike that needs to be pedalled so get on one and give it a go!!

There’s lots of helpful training advice on Wattbike’s website. With information on improving your performance and achieving the most effective training session; https://wattbike.com/uk/train

To really get the most out of your ride, structure your training and achieve your goals I’d definitely recommend download the app; there’s one for both IPhones and android phones 

Chris Laxton-Kane