Dance: what are the benefits for you?

Dance: what are the benefits for you?

My life in dance

Dance has always been a major part of my life. I started dance lessons when I was just 2 years old. From the moment my mum took me to my first dance class I absolutely loved it!

Sixteen years later and I’m still dancing; taking part in classes from; ballet, tap, street dance/hip-hop, disco and modern theatre. As a child (from the ages of 8 to 11) I was lucky enough to be picked each year to dance in the Christmas pantomimes at the Theatre Royal Nottingham. These were brilliant experiences and it was amazing to perform alongside celebrities at such a young age.

As well as performing in pantomimes and bi-annual shows at the Royal Concert Hall, I have taken over 40 exams under the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancers (ISTD) examination board. Through hard work and commitment I received distinction and honours across all the different dance styles. I now teach dance lessons to children aged 2-17 at my same dance school. I love to see the enjoyment dance brings across all ages.

The physical benefits of dance

Not only does dance bring a lot of fantastic opportunities, but also has a massive amount of health and fitness benefits. It’s a fun way to burn calories and lose some weight while increasing the health of your heart and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Ballet in particular, can increase muscular strength as well as helping you to achieve a better posture and improve the way you carry yourself. Dance can also improve your flexibility. This will help to increase your range of motion and reduce any stiffness you may have. Plus it helps to keep bones healthy and dense due to being a weight bearing exercise.

Cognitive benefits

Adding to the physical benefits of dance, there are many cognitive benefits which help to clear you mind and increase your self-confidence. Dancing can reduce daily stresses in a similar way to other aerobic exercises such as running. It can help to boost your self-esteem and can decrease any social anxieties you may have. It has a great social aspect too and it’s a great way to make friends! The discipline and focus used in dance can become useful in other areas of life, especially with children, providing them with skills they can use forever.

Lily, Chilwell Olympia

Interested in a dance lesson?

If you’re interested in trying a dance based class at one of our centres; we offer Diverse Dance Mix, a dance fitness class using many different styles at Chilwell Olympia on Friday’s 11.15am-12.15pm and at Bramcote Leisure Centre on Tuesday’s 9.30-10.15am.  Virtual Les Mills Barre a ballet-inspired workout to shape and tone classes is also available at Bramcote Leisure Centre.  All classes are included in our gym memberships.

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