Beyond a Strong Body: How Exercise Can Help You Build a Strong Heart and Mind

Beyond a Strong Body: How Exercise Can Help You Build a Strong Heart and Mind

Around 74% of individuals in the UK have felt excessive amounts of stress over the past year, according to the Mental Health Foundation. The same foundation stated that stress may compound and lead to anxiety. If you have also felt challenged because of stress and personal issues, it would be to your benefit to understand how to combat it effectively. As it turns out, exercise is a great way to build a strong heart and mind.

It’s a Natural Mood Booster

While physical results of exercise take longer to manifest, the mental benefits are almost immediate. Exercise and physical activity make your body to release endorphins to perk up your mood, according to fitness expert Elaine Denton. Simple physical activity like walking also induces the release of both serotonin and dopamine chemicals into your system. Both chemicals work as the body’s anti-depressant which keeps you happier and more relaxed.

It Opens Up Healthy Connections

In a world where everyone is connected through social media, the greatest irony is that more and more people feel lonely. Sadly, social media is now also being used as a tool to hurt others. The advent of cyberbullying affects teens and even adults which causes damage to their mental health, according to Hammersmith Hospital. Exercise can help combat the emotional and psychological strain that cyberbullying brings. If you join a physical activity like yoga, running, cycling, and so many others; you are bound to meet people whose mindset is aimed toward positivity. Building healthy connections can help you break away from the toxicity and anxiety that bullies bring into your life.

It Shifts Your Perception

Physical activity promotes an enhanced functionality of your brain, according to Amy Picton. After all, consistent exercise stimulates the neurotransmitters in your brain and makes it function better. Exercise can improve your memory and make your brain sharper. With time, you may find that exercise will shift your perception about the world, your present situation, and even how you view yourself. Not only can you benefit from improved self-esteem; but you may find that the way you think can shift towards more positive thoughts, too.

Exercise is the perfect tool to use whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and general feelings of discontent. What’s best about it is that you can exercise whenever you are and it doesn’t even have to cost you anything. Taking time to find which exercise routine fits you best can help pave toward a stronger heart and mind.