Les Mills Virtual Body Balance; is it for me?

Les Mills Virtual Body Balance; is it for me?
Insight into Les Mills Virtual Bodybalance.
Do you look at the Les Mills Virtual timetable and wonder what Body Balance is?

Les Mills Virtual Body Balance is a weight free exercise class where all you will need is a mat for your comfort. The classes consist of a range of yoga poses, stretching exercises, Tai Chi and strength building exercises.

Our timetables offer three different types of classes: beginner, strength and flexibility.

Does the uncertainty of what you will be doing in the class put you off?

Let’s take a walk through each different type of Les Mills Virtual Body Balance…


A Super slow walk through of all the exercises with full explanation on each movement and progressions. Ideal if you have never done a class before or want to take things nice and slow.


Perfect for an all over workout. Work through legs, abs, shoulders, back and arms. This workout is designed to get you super strong! With no equipment needed – the movements work with your own body weight as the resistance.


Great if you are looking to get more flexible. Are you an athlete who neglects that post run stretch? Or maybe a gym goer who struggles to work out correct or effective movement to increase range of motion? A super class to improve range of motion and suppleness through your entire body.

Why not give it a go?

You can view our Les Mills Virtual timetables for Kimberley, Bramcote and Chilwell Olympia Leisure Centre by visiting our website. Alternatively, you can download our app free of charge from any Apple and Android device, just search for ‘L Leisure’.


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