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Watts new?

29th December 2016

New equipment .. Has found its way to all of our gyms over the last few weeks. Providing us...

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Nottingham to Gothenburg

23rd December 2016

I’ve always enjoyed swimming and during my “younger years” swam competitively for both a local swimming club and my...

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Beating the Unexpected!

12th December 2016

I am 75 and still refereeing under 18’s football in the Nottinghamshire Youth Football League, fit and well. I credit...

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Shhh Fairy Meeting Place

20th November 2016

Fancy a Christmas experience which is a little out of the ordinary? Well, we’ve just had a secret letter...

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The Power of Change

7th November 2016

Every day is a new day and every day brings new challenges along with new experiences. Evolution is a...

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